Who Am I?

I’m Zak! I write essays (anthologized by a publisher), fake my way through poems (published in several journals), and record songs (one of which won a contest through American Songwriter) in a humble little music studio in downtown Columbus.

While I’m not big on anchoring personal identity solely in experiences, I’ve had some unusual ones (experiences). From hitchhiking through the south to spending time on a cult commune to working about 30 different jobs in as many years, my experiences have always gravitated toward the chaotic energy of the absolute maniacs I call friends.

My own personality, on the other hand, is quieter. You’d better believe I’ll rappel down a rainy backwoods mountain with a schizophrenic Eagle Scout (sweetest guy in the world), but it’s all in the name of curiosity and compassionate observation.

Hail Satan!

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Zak Hartzell
I'm a published and anthologized writer daylighting in the copy space and moonlighting as the realest boy you ever did read.